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Essentials of small business website design

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  • Essentials of small business website design

    If you would like to design a small business website , you must consider certain important factors in order to make customers buy from your website. You must consider the following factors for a small business website design.

    Accurate search results
    It is essential to have search buttons in your website. It is also crucial that these search buttons must yield the right results. Any query or search result should be able to ideally spot the appropriate product description page. With this feature you are actually making the customer narrow down on their search.

    Product buttons
    it is good to have the product buttons on the home page itself so that the customers will be automatically directed to the respective product page, and the purchase decision would be fast. This feature provides with more chances of a purchase being made. It is also beneficial to place the product buttons on the top left hand corner as this area catches the eyes of the customers more frequently. Selection of colors and size of fonts also play a vital role here.

    Structured and definite paths
    it becomes difficult to make the customers buy without a proper outline to guide them. A definite and well structured path should make it easy. You may include a flowchart that showcases different web page elements along with path direction for each; this will simplify the processes for the visitors.

    Maximum exchange rate can be acquired only when the customer's experience on your website is made hassle free. If they have to click too much or navigate to many pages for getting the product information, they might not be interested in buying the product. If the price is displayed upfront, it will help minimize the number of clicks for product knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of purchase.
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    It is really essential for small business website designing. Web site helps small businesses to grow fast in the market. Using website any business can achieve target visitors which are really wanting something for your business, so website always generate leads and attracts most of visitors to your site.


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      To add to the list stated by Rachael, having social sharing buttons would also add to the ease of visitors sharing your pages within their networks. I needn't mention about the importance of rich content and information over the pages.