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5 Short Cut Tricks :- Dreamweaver

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  • 5 Short Cut Tricks :- Dreamweaver

    Tips 1. By pressing F6 the editor can view or expanded Tables, That will expand up all the tables, and seperate multiple tables to. Later a user can select tables that are behind other tables EASILY without having to cut-paste back and forth or switch to code view. If you`ve ever had a problem selecting at able to modify press F6 and give it a shot.

    Tips 2. Save some keystrokes and press F10 to switch to code inspector view.
    (CTRL+` will switch to code view)

    Tips 3. By pressing you can preview your work by pressing F12 with in a default browser in your computer

    Tips 4. By pressing Shift + Enter a editor can result in a line break,which is another a very time saving technique.

    Tips 5. By pressing CTRL + F5 = Quick Tag Editor you can get in to editing of the tags you have with you

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    wow. ive been using dreamweaver but i never know this shortcut.

    thanks for sharing


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      any other shortcut tricks?


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        These short cut tricks are really useful for all the designers who designs their website using dremaweaver. It is necessary to know about shortcuts because it saves your time and your work will be more smooth and fast.


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          Indeed, knowing the shortcuts usually tends to curb the efforts to a large extent, Dreamweaver is no exception to it. Consider paying a visit to the following reference page where you'd get to know about the various short-cut keys in Dreamweaver CS6.

          Reference : {Scroll down to the middle of the page to view them}