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  • Customizing Wordpress

    Hi all,

    I am trying to learn about Wordpress, at the moment I have just set up a test blog, and I want to fully customize it to match my website.

    Can this only be done if you download wordpress, and not if you use their hosted version?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you are using Notepad and fully understand HTML, you could pick up quickly on the operation of HTML-Kit If you go this route, through the support forums you will have at your fingertips answers to your questions, both on the program and coding HTML.
    Oh, I like TopStyle Lite as a CSS editor as it offers possible values for the selectors. However, if you are well versed in CSS, just download the CSS plugin for HTML-Kit and use it for CSS.HTML-Kit will also handle php, javascript are cool editors to work with.


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      Wordpress is one of the most widely used open source CMS which is used to design blogging websites. You choose right technology to learn because nowadays wordpress provides ultimate solution of designing websites because it supports variety of plugins and themes to design website.


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        Yes you can do it sure. But to do that you must know HTML and also you must know the coding I mean where you want to make changes. Wordpress is very useful and also allow to do customization. Additionally, we all know that Wordpress also offer different plugins so you can also use it where it can be fit.
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          I'd say, having some knowledge about coding would be an added advantage, but if you don't, one can still manage with the plugins that we have over WordPress. One of the biggest advantage of WordPress is its wide inventory of plugins. You can find loads of alternatives to achieve a particular functionality with the website.


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            I didn't know anything about WordPress when I started out creating my website. But when I searched the web I found quite a few tutorials on YouTube and I must say, many of them were excellent. I suggest you head over to take a look at YouTube and do a search.


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              With WordPress, there are many ways to accomplish this. With a little effort it is easy to make your site. Check out the following ways you can continue to personalize your site and take it to the next level:

              Customize your site’s header and background
              Tweak fonts, colors, and add CSS for a custom design
              Change your URL by registering a new domain
              Set a custom “Home” page on your site
              Learn more about all your site settings.

              To know more about, how to customize word press. Visit Following links to more help-

              Nothing makes a site feel like an extension of your personality more than its look and feel. With WordPress, there are many ways to accomplish this. With a little effort it is easy to make your sit…