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    I have made my own portfolio website, using CSS. It all looks nice, apart from I dont really know how to display the portfolio samples properly, via CSS. When I look at others, they have things such as when you click the thumbnail, it like opens up as a little pop-up, with a black border and a close button, get what i mean? How do I go about this? Does anyone have a link to an online tutorial on how to do this?


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    For HTML 5 to work in IE you need to included a script that defines the new elements.
    Put this in your head .You should understand that html5 and css3 should considered alpha ware. The modern, progressive vendors, like Mozilla, Opera, Google, and Apple are putting many of the html5 elements and css3 properties into their browsers for testing and specification tightening purposes or for css3 properties.

    <!--[if IE]>
    <script src=""></script>


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      Live PreviewScreenshots Item DetailsComments .Vortex Portfolio HTML CSS Template 7 in 1
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      Wordpress theme launched Vortex Portfolio Wordpress theme which i like the most

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      ■Portfolio gallery
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      ■Layered PSD of Full site