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How can I disable links within an "iFrame" ?

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  • How can I disable links within an "iFrame" ?

    I have an article script that i've integrated to the homepage of my site. The problem is that the title of the articles are hyperlinks that link to another page within the iFrame. How can I disable links in the iFrame.

    I'm guessing i'll have to write a small script in the html file. I would really rather NOT though .

    I've already used the "cursor: default" statement and that helps. But not in IE. And I need to completely get rid of the hyperlink. It's hardcoded in the script so I am not familiar enough with php to go in and mess with it.

    Thanks for your help !

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    Google for Tiztag Tutorials

    Option a:
    Place a transparent gif image over the iframe
    downside - requires learning a little HTML and CSS

    Option b:
    Intergrate the content of the iframe using PHP/cURL and use regex to remove the links.
    downside - requires learning PHP and cURL plus getting permission from the webmaster of the iframed page to copy the content (may also fall foul of web hosts TOS)

    Option c:
    Copy the iframe content by hand into your own page
    downside - how fast can you type ?


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      You can go add a div element and that element which will be ON the iframe where as the transparency of it by using position which is being cover through iframe itself,
      That will start at the same point moment and have the same height and width
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