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How does WordPress fit into the big picture of web design?

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  • How does WordPress fit into the big picture of web design?

    I'm having a hard time understanding WordPress. Where does the line between HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP end and WordPress begin? I heard that WordPress allows you to design websites and allows the clients to update them, but to what degree?
    How much control does one surrender by using WordPress? And how much can the client update on there own? If you use WordPress do you need to use it for the entire site or is it possible to only integrate the blog aspect of it?

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    Wordpress is very easy to update,It pretty much just a case of copy and paste to enter text, and all the tools are easy to understand. so it is a good platform if you want a simple design and clients want to update it themselves. It doesn't end and WP begins, it takes ALL of that for WordPress to even exist, there is no separation.I guess that depends on how much control YOU think you have or want.To any degree they're allowed, really. WordPress has become more than just a blog platform, it has become much more of a content management system.


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      Ahhh... honestly i never faced any problem using wordpress. It's so easy to use and understand. You have full access to play it's theme and plugins, hope you have sound knowledge of web-programing (PHP)
      Login to your wordpress blog, under Appearance tab you will get Manage Themes(Edit Themes) option where you can play with wordpress designing part similarly you have an option for Plugins, Tools, Setting etc...
      Really Wordpress is very flexible if you have good hands on coding....


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        Wordpress is one of the most popular and commonly used for website designs. This has many features which is user friendly. The navigations are simple and easy to operate