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How do I choose the reliable keyword for my AdWords campaign?

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  • How do I choose the reliable keyword for my AdWords campaign?


    How do I choose the reliable keywords for my AdWords campaign?

    Thank you

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    Grouping your keywords around a centralized theme.

    Divide your keywords into different ad groups, which relate to the specific keywords which are relevant. For example you should not place “Cloud hosting” in an ad group relevant to keywords centralized around “Web hosting”. These two different themes should be placed in separate ad groups.

    Try keeping the number of keywords you have for each ad group to 10 to 15 maximum. Keep your keyword list closely aligned to the theme of your campaign.

    Utilize the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. It is an excellent tool which helps you research the most relevant keywords for your campaigns. It allows you to enter your company’s URL and the product or service you offer, and then allows you to view metrics of the keywords that are aligned with your efforts
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      It is critical to organize your keyword list the most relevant way possible. There are a several methods to do this, but first and foremost it is important to consider your campaign goal. Depending on your goal you may have different strategies regarding your keyword selection, which can help you to create your keyword list.


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        First you need to identify your goal. It could be generating traffic, transaction, subscription or anything else.

        Then check with your monthly spending budget and split your budget for daily spend.

        At this point you can use keyword planner to research for keyword. According to your budget and goal, choose the keyword. In beginning never choose wide keyword it will consume your money and give you irrelevant clicks as well.