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Getting business leads through search engine optimization

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  • Getting business leads through search engine optimization

    Hello Everyone,

    I perform search engine optimization for my website on a regular basis. The rankings of the keywords I was working on have substantially increased. I have seen an increase in the incoming traffic as well, however there are no leads. I am not able to figure out why this is happening…any help is appreciated.

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    Hello Christina,

    I think you should re-assess your webpage content and its layout. In your case as it seems, you've experienced an increase in traffic but fail to receive the leads, it is highly possible that the visitors don't get to read what they had been for.

    OR, if you are selling certain products, the price might be an issue that is driving the traffic away. You probably want to carry out a market survey and check if your competitors are selling similar products like yours at a cheaper price.


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      Hello Stan,

      Thanks for the information

      You are right. I was going through the content mentioned on my website. It’s not readable. I mean, if I was the reader/visitor, I would have stopped reading it by the time I was half way through. I am working on that. I sell decorative interior designing pieces online. There is a huge demand for this, and I have also got the best of collection.

      In accordance to what you have said I will work on the content and layout of the website. Recently I have also noticed that when I click on the ‘add to shopping cart’ button, it takes a long time for the website to display the shopping cart containing that particular item. Need a solution for this as well.