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What are the benefits of having a sitemap for my website?

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  • What are the benefits of having a sitemap for my website?

    Hello friends, I want to know what are the benefits of having a sitemap for my website?
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    When ever the robots came to crawl our website, at first robots will look at sitemap only, because sitemap is nothing but its a document having the total number of url's in our website that are available ready to crawled by different search engines or robots.
    Sitemap is available in four formats, .html, .xml, .txt, .rst in this .xml is search engines friendly and html and .txt are user friendly. So your website may have more than one sitemap files.


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      Having a good sitemap will give you less bounce rate and robots will much have easier to crawl our website.


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        Having a sitemap saves a lot of time and efforts for the visitors. If they are not able to find something on the web pages and if they are unable to find it, they can always check the sitemap. Having a sitemap also contributes to the website design, as it frees a lot of space in the main content area. If there are a lot of links in your website, it is beneficial to have a sitemap as the website will not look cluttered.


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          Having a site map is extremely important. If the sitemap is always updated, it helps in getting more traffic to your website. It enables the visitors to know that you have added new content to your website. A sitemap is also important for improvising on your website. When you see the sitemap, you get a complete insight about your website; this will help you to decide what additional content can be added to the website.


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            If your site is a dynamic site then, a Sitemap can help you to suggest search engines like google to find the fresh content and crawl or index it accordingly. If it's a relatively smaller or a static site, it can prove as a reminder for search engines to have a look at ‘unqualified’ pages which were not indexed previously. Besides, not to forget that it's one more opportunity to take advantage of the anchor text