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Google updates and keyword rankings

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  • Google updates and keyword rankings

    Since I have started my own website, there have been many updates in Google and this has affected the search engine rankings of the keywords I have been working on. In accordance to the latest update, keyword over optimization is something that website owners must watch for. I would like to know your views on this, what are you doing to get your keywords up?

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    In my opinion it is essential to avoid over optimization of the targeted keywords. For this one can focus on keyword variations, this seems natural and wont be penalized by Google. As far as the content is concerned, it must be informative and created in accordance to what the people want to read. Informative and unique content will bring more targeted traffic to your website. It is not the case that if you give more backlinks to the keywords, their rankings will improve, what matters is what type of backlinks you are creating. Even a few backlinks will play a crucial role in improving the rankings of the keywords, however they must be authoritative and relevant to your website.
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      Along with conducting all the search engine optimization strategies, also pay attention to the factors like on page optimization of the website and the internal linking. These are crucial factors that play an important role in keyword ranking. In terms of on page optimization, all the meta tags must be adjusted in accordance to the subject of that landing page. Moreover the content of the website must be unique, impressive and readable. You may also add hyperlinks with the anchor text's that are relevant to that web page. The internal linking done also matters. Make sure that the links that you have added are relevant and this will go a long way in ensuring the keyword rankings.


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        What I feel is that it is always advisable to be updated about the Google Algorithm. The main idea behind Google for giving new Algorithm's is that the people who search Google for anything must get only the right information. This fact must be taken in the right spirit. In order to maintain the keyword rankings, the best thing you can do is be aware of the Google Algorithm and make the necessary changes in your search engine optimization strategies and you'l be fine.