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Dedicated IP-A boon for SEO ?

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  • Dedicated IP-A boon for SEO ?

    I have a website that is hosted on a Shared server and it uses a Shared IP. I am looking to enhance my websites ranking and do some SEO on it. I have just read somewhere that a Dedicated IP is helpful from an SEO perspective. So I just wanted to make sure, whether a Dedicated IP would help with my SEO efforts ?

    I would like to know your opinions for using a Dedicated IP for SEO purpose

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    I am in complete agreement that the dedicated ip help in seo, and do value dedicated IP's over shared IP's. As there are multiple no of good and well as well ranked websites on shared IP's, which is all, A substantial imperfect assumption would be one that weighs SERPs ranking in favor of dedicated IP addresses over shared IP addresses. That would favor either technical savvy or funding ability over the content/substance of the website itself - and SEs, at least in theory - are supposed to be about locating quality content. There are many very good websites that are found on shared IP addresses.


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      Yes a dedicated IP can definatly help, but plenty of websites can share the single IP Address. Plenty of big companies blog or website have many IP Address and a lot of small companies do too.


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        I have more than 10 IP's on my multiple web server as i have 3 different servers currently.Which are going to be more beneficial in the long run for getting good rankings in search engines esp Google . Where as when it comes to have the dedicated IP address and SEO it is not a huge deal, but it can make a difference. IP Address are cheap, so when and if you can afford it, it would be advisable to use a dedicated IP address, but other factors are much more important. seo tactics are not the path to enlightenment on the big G. Qulaity content is.


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          You are going the right way. There is nothing wrong in doing this way. Using dedicated IP for multiple websites is not a problem at all. In many companies they do SEO on many sites on a single dedicated IP. Itís also good from the SEO perspective.


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            Certainly a dedicated IP is a boon for seo. There are various advantages that can be used for seo purposes. Through a dedicated IP you can also get access to private ssl certificate and anonymous FTP, these are very beneficial attributes to make your website more effective. Through the ssl certificate you can accept credit cards online and with anonymous FTP you can access special directory of your website. If you have an efficient website, you will be able to reap the complete benefits of seo techniques.
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