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  • A Bit of Joomla SEO

    Search engine optimization for Joomla , as a minimum requires these steps:

    1 Installation of a SEF (search engine friendly) component. This changes your website's pages addresses from
    to something like
    . Obviously, the your-friendly-address typically changes to the title of your article or anything of your choice. We recently have fell in love with sh404SEF . This easily and quickly allows you to create search engine friendly urls. It integrates tightly with a number of popular components such as Virtuemart and iJoomla. It also allows you to create a custom 404 page.

    2 sh404SEF also allows you to activate meta management, which changes the title of each page rendered to one which is more optimized for search engines. Search engines prefer having the name of article title in the HTML <title> tag, and Joomla doesn't do this be default. sh404SEF allows you to this.

    3 Insert HTML <h1> tags as your articles titles. This is another thing which search engines like, and another thing which sh404SEF can do by default. You should activate this too.

    4 Create a sitemap, and submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. We typically install a component which generates a sitemap and then submit the address which is given by the component to Google Webmaster tools. The good thing about this is that you can specify to Google how often your website is crawled to refresh the content. This is great for sites whose content is updated often.

    I hope it's useful

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    Joomla also provides with some great SEO plugins that help in terms of securing a good ranking in the search engines. The SEO plugins offered by Joomla are mentioned below:

    XMAP : This plugin generates the sitemap for the website on the basis of the structure of the website.

    SEOSimple : SEOSimple automatically takes a part of the text from the beginning of the page and transforms it into a meta description tag.

    JoomSEF : This plugin helps in creating URL structure that can secure a higher page rank in the search engine.

    SmartSEO : This plugin offers a wide range of functionality through which the user can edit the meta tags and various other SEO attributes.


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      Whatever you do, don't forget to check your websites loading speed. You may make use of Google's Page Speed tool for that reason. After a couple of recent algorithm updates, it's become necessary that any website inorder to succeed over the web must have a decent load time.