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What is Guerrilla marketing in SEO ?

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  • What is Guerrilla marketing in SEO ?

    Hello friends
    what is guerrilla marketing in seo ? and how it is useful as seo point of view.


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    i hope the below mentioned info will help you.

    Guerilla marketing is often coined as using unorthodox methods to drive traffic. Guerilla marketing is a cheap way of marketing your product or service. At the high end, you may end up investing a few hundred dollars in promotional items or a major, centralized piece that you can build a number of different campaigns around.At the low end, it’s free — and you can’t beat free!

    1 – Appealing Content
    If the content we makes should be as appealing, thorough, invaluable, and emotional to visitors as possible.

    2 – Don’t Go Overboard
    Don’t overdo the addition of content. Don't include extra content.

    3 – Become A Blogger
    Start blogging as soon as you’re online.

    4 – Become An Integral Part Of Your Industry
    Get involved with your industry .

    5 – Keep It Ethical
    Keep every thing documented as well as ethical

    6 – Guerilla marketing involves networking.
    Both with your customers and with other businesses.

    7 – Guerilla marketing is of small businesses.
    This marketing procedure get into

    8 – Plan Your Campaign.
    The Marketing strategies work if you do your research, plan your campaign.


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      Yes, number 5 is my favorite. When you start to adopt things like black had SEO, you are not keeping it ethical. Black hat is one example of doing it the cheaters way. And eventually you will be caught and penalized for it.


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        I always thought that Guerrilla meant bad. I had no idea what it really meant. I just saw a black hat site today with a high page rank, grr, I wish they would find a way to keep them out!


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          Guerrilla marketing basically works on human psychology and the way in which people think and react. In quantitative terms, guerrilla marketing is determined on the basis of the number of relationships you create over a specific span of time. The focus is on the market and target audiences.