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    Hi, I'm looking for advice on the best way to set up multiple domains. Basically, this is going to be for SEO purpose. I have registered keywords as domain names.

    From Seo point of view, should I make a separate site for each domain or point each domain to the primary website? Please advice.

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    It's always better to host and develop individual domains rather then redirecting them to your main website. It will help you for generating traffic and will help you in SERP.
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      Yeah, hosting individual website with their unique identity would be helpful in long run. Try to host them on different IPs if you are planning to backlink them with one another


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        Why exactly is everyone against redirects? Or are you against full redirects (those which do not have a little popup explaing the main site may have moved)?


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          I don't know. As an internet user, I just feel annoyed to be redirected to when accessing It's fine to get redirected from to, it would be too much if I got led from to LOL.


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            I agree with the other advice above. I think setting an individual website for each domain is better in terms of SEO and link building, as you can link the websites to each other. Of course you need to put more work to set the websites.


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              If it was an old setup then the use of URL redirects was a good option. However as this is regarding a new setup for SEO purpose, it is wise to keep things well organized right from the begining.
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