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Which is the best - Prestashop or Magento?

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  • Which is the best - Prestashop or Magento?

    Hi everyone,

    I am starting my e-store for babies that will contain apparels, toys, baby-shower gifts and decorations and everything related to babies. I am going for ecommerce hosting plan, please suggest me which shopping cart should I choose Prestashop or Magento?

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    PrestaShop or Magento

    Well there are many factors that has to be consider for which is the best. What may be best for one may not be best for others.

    PrestaShop: an e-commerce open source solution that guides the user through the product catalog logically and smoothly this may turn the interested visitors into paying clients

    Magento: is e-commerce software that promises to transform the industry. Its segmental design and unparalleled flexibility means your business is no longer constrained by your ecommerce platform. Magneto means complete control.

    PrestaShop advantages

    Easy installation

    System requirement for PrestaShop is lower

    Can be customized easily

    PrestaShop is smaller than magneto

    Magento advantages

    More out of the box features

    Good compatibility

    More custom features, options and themes

    Optimization features for search engine are better

    Support available is better

    Smaller businesses who have just started would do okay with PrestaShop but if you want the full control on customization which ultimately is better then magento is ahead. Proper planning today will surely make the website more popular among the users. As you want the e-store for babies to be a one stop store where everything is available and want the ecommerce hosting plans so if you are thinking long term then Magento would serve you better.


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      Thank You Victor. You made my decision easy. I would prefer to go for Magento.


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        Magento is undoubtedly the first choice of many when it comes to build an eCommerce store. But unless you have an experience dealing with it, you may find a little lost in the beginning. Being a beginner you might not be aware that there are two choices that Magento offer, namely : Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition. But installing it via. Softaculous can help you test the free version of it.

        Whilst, PrestaShop, CubeCart and OpenCart are easier to understand and deal with if you are a new to it.


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          Both are useful, But I prefer Magneto.
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            They are both similar platforms in a way that both of them are open source. It all comes down to your business requirement, and familarity with the platforms.


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              Prestashop would be my preferred choice considering it's ease of use and easy to get going. The interface is also very user-friendly as opposed to Magento where one requires extensions to get the job done.


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                Both have their own pros and cons but my vote is for Magento.