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Google Rolls Out Fascinating Features for Smartphone Users This Holiday Eve

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  • Google Rolls Out Fascinating Features for Smartphone Users This Holiday Eve

    Yippee! It’s holiday time. Everyone’s eagerly awaiting for this season of joy, gifts and fun. So, you must have already planned for the gifts? Not yet? Then start planning, it’s the time for shopping as the Black Friday is less than a week away. Retailers are busy gearing up the stocks and decorating their stores to welcome the enthusiastic crowd who’d be hitting the stores on the 28th November 2014. Just a matter of few years back, stores used to be crowded on Black Friday as it was one of the biggest holiday shopping days of the season for us to find great deals. But today, best deals can be found at any place and any time when the stores are as far as your pockets. Mobile shoppers have already started browsing the shopping sites starting early last week of the month.

    When users search for products on Google, they need to browse many sites and then decide on the purchase. It becomes difficult as well as time consuming for the user to open a particular site and learn the product features and reviews. To overcome these problems, Google has come up with an enhanced solution.

    This time Google has tweaked its search engine in a way which enables buyers to shop flawlessly. Surprised! Yes, this holiday season, shopping is going to be more fascinating as you would be enabled with a detailed chart of the product specifications. Not only this, with the additional feature of 360 degree rotation, you can view the product in a 3D view on your smartphone. Users don’t need to use the Google’s shopping tab, instead the product details along with its reviews and store availability will appear on regular search itself.
    The aim of Google behind upgrading these features is to make products and deals search more sophisticated and easy. According to Google, around 50% of the shoppers between 25-34 years old search products online on their smartphones while standing in line at the store. Introduction of these new features will make it easy for the buyers to multitask by helping to track down the gift list at the place he/she is present. Google’s blog post about Black Friday says that ‘Google search coming from the smartphones is increased 3.5x year over year and continues to grow’.

    New research from technology and management consultancy - Accenture states that around 34% of the UK shoppers think that shopping with smart devices will help them find discount deals and compare prices while present at the retail store, this holiday season. Accenture also reported, UK’s 56% consumers would be finding a service that will help them shop through smartphones at the checkout. In addition to this, 31% of the UK buyers are planning to increase their shopping expenses during the holiday season of 2014 as compared to last year, as per the 2014 Accenture Christmas Shopping Survey.

    Google’s motive is to drive more traffic from mobile searches to the Google Shopping this holiday eve and in the years to come. Taking this into consideration, retailers should take a note of Google’s enhancements in order to ensure that their listings are appearing in Google Shopping. It’s not only going to be beneficial for the customers but also for the retailers to beat the competition.

    What are you waiting for? Aren’t you excited to try the new Google search engine on your smartphone and tablet? Just move on and try to get the best deals on gifts and other stuff with your smart shopping tool. Happy Holidays to you all.