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Selling ad space to individuals

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  • Selling ad space to individuals

    Do you think it is possible to sell ad space on your website to individual advertisers? Well, I know it is possible as nothing is impossible, but would it be hard to find interested customers?

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    Yes, you may find it difficult to grab attention of advertisers if your website is just a basic website with limited traffic but if it's a popular website with thousands of unique visitors each day then you may get good response from advertisers whom you have contacted. You can also mention about available advert spots on your website so that you may get few inquires.
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      Yeah, if your website is well reputed and gets a lot of regular traffic, I think it's worth it to directly sell ad space to advertisers. Otherwise, Adsense or other PPC programs would be a better option.


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        A niche website could give you a real advantage because you offer advertisers a focused target market. For some, it might be worth the effort to sell ads yourself if you can eliminate the need for a third party service which obviously reduces your advertising revenue. However, you need to be very good at finding advertisers.


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          It can be done but it wouldn't be so simple and easy to do as using Adsense to monetize ad space on your website is. You can start with online business or website owners you personally know, if any.


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            It wouldn't hurt to try. Create a banner stating that you publish banners from individuals and companies for some fee, and put the banner on the spot you sell the ad space on.