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any opinions on Adbrite?

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  • any opinions on Adbrite?

    I've been considering using something other than Adsense. Adbrite is one alternative to Adsense that I see mentioned a lot on websites. Has anyone ever placed Adbrite on their website?

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    Adbrite is also an efficient marketing tool. It comes with certain added benefits as compared to Google Adsense. If you have a high traffic website and if you are using Adbrite, your earnings will be higher as compared to Adsense. Adbrite enables you to play with the code, you can add any style that you want to make the ad more attractive. The only drawback of Adbrite is that it does not show any ads in case you donít have a reasonable traffic while Adsense helps in the generation of the traffic.
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      Adsense doesn't sound like the best after reading about Adbrite. I thought that Adsense was the only contextual ad program that offered customized features, but that's apparently not the case. I never even thought of changing from Adsense, but this makes me reconsider.


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        I have ever tried to publish Adbrite's ads on my website for a few month before taking it off. Compared to Adsense, it didn't earn me that much. It might be just my website not getting enough traffic.


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          Adbrite has been rising to the public attention more and more lately. I haven't tried them myself, but I have an acquaintance who tried Adbrite on her website and is quite pleased with the results. She is earning just as much as she did with Adsense, if not more. Adbrite is a highly recommended contextual ad program.


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            Another advantage to switching from Adsense to Adbrite could be just the change itself. Your regular website visitors are accustomed to your ads looking a certain way, and that encourages the ad blindness that causes such low clickthrough rates. Having something new could get their attention.