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  • third party ad sales

    One reason Adsense is such a good deal for webmasters is that all of the selling and payment of ads is taken care of. You can concentrate on your website. What are some other third-party advertising businesses that will sell ads for you other than Adsense and Adsense alternatives? What about ad services that let companies bid on individual sites?

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    Adsense lets advertisers bid on individual sites. I think it's called site targeting and it pays per impression instead of pay per click. I like the option of pay per impression because it's better for websites that get several page views per visitor.


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      Basically website targeted ads enables the advertiser to select the specific websites they feel are appropriate for their campaign, and their ads can be run only on those websites. This enables the access to web pages that may not necessarily be keyword relevant, but even then they attract a highly relevant audience for their message. These website targeted ads are also pay-per-impression ads and every time an ad is served, the advertiser has to pay their preselected amount, and this payment is shared by Google with the publisher on whose page the ad was served. So, unlike the pay-per-click ads you will be paid for simply displaying these ads on your pages.


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        There are probably lots of small companies and individuals who sell advertising for websites. You can always sell your own, too. That might be the most profitable since you aren't paying someone else a commission for selling the ads. On the other hand, you aren't leveraging the power of a company such as Google.