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Facebook acquires Snaptu....

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  • Facebook acquires Snaptu....

    Facebook is trying to get more closer to every human through acquisition of Snaptu. Well, Snaptu is a free mobile application provider, runs on virtually any Java capable mobile.
    It seems that Facebook is trying to Dominate Social Networking Industry

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    its already dominating now with it will top in social networking sites
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      That's interesting news. Facebook is already dominating social networking industry and they think it's not enough? Are they preparing the website to compete with Google Plus?


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        Facebook has definitely taken a major step in terms of acquiring Snaptu. However the importance of Google+ is also not reduced. I think both these websites are equally efficient.
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          It looks like Google and Facebook are well on their way to ruling the world. They already rule the online world, or come rather close. Maybe Facebook will improve since they now have to compete with Google +.


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            The competition used to be between Google and Microsoft. With social media so huge now, it's looking like Google versus Facebook. It's good to have a lot of choice and competition. No single entity should overpower the internet.