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  • Whitesmoke for content

    Whitesmoke is rated one of the best editing tools. It supposedly works for grammar and spelling issues as well as other things. For those who have great ideas yet poor grammar skills, would this kind of software be something that should be bought?

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    Well, if you think about SEO and ranking in a search engine, then you understand that content is king. I do not care what anyone says, it is king, and will be king. If you have poor grammar skills, or even good skills but a lack of time, you have two choices. One is to hire someone else to write the content and the other is to use something like white smoke. So it becomes a price comparison equation for you.


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      WhiteSmoke can be good at few times. However, if your grammar is poor, you should try to make it perfect asap. Why to depend on a software to correct your grammar, if you can do it yourself by taking little efforts