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Tip to Avoid from getting your adsense account banned

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  • Tip to Avoid from getting your adsense account banned

    Tip 1 - If any of your website page is display Google advertisement and on that particular pages where you have a illegal content llater Google will find out this fact and relieve you off the contract or directly banning of you contract.

    Tip 2 -Try to avoid or hide the displayed advertisement as the part of the content that you have on your website. Misleading the blog readers and tricking them into clicking your ads will get you the reward of Ban.

    Tip 3 - A bad trick is when you openly asking your readers for clicks from the readers or pointing an arrow mark like > ADS < to catch the eye of your users towards the ad is . You will be off the Google’s publisher’s list very soon.

    Tip 4 - So do not commit this stupidity as Do not edit the code generated by the Adsense panel. You cannot modify it once it is generated.

    Tip 5 - Use click bots and automatically get your ads clicked. Well Google is the mastermind in here and you want to mess with them then Good Luck.

    Tip 6 - Displaying advertisement on a page with no content. It is quite meaningless and senseless to do. I don’t like it and neither Google does.

    Tip 7 - When you ask or request your friends or relatives to click on your ads only with in the blog So don’t do it. Google Hate if you get trapped.

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    Ohhh.. thanks a lot Rocky !
    Well, am not a big fan of Adsense due to their strict rules and regulations for publishers, for me adbrite works well though the revenue is comparatively less