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    What do you think about being an online job broker or starting an online job marketplace like Elance, oDesk and Getafreelancer? You will get income by charging small fee for every transaction between a service provider and a service buyer.

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    That sounds like a great idea. Today more and more people are looking for online jobs or business opportunities. If you take the website seriously and are able to serve both the service buyers and advertisers excellently, I think it shouldn't be too difficult to find clients.


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      Well, there are many such job related websites which are already doing well, so just make your mind that you need to strive hard to compete such big brands for survival All the Best !
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        This is highly feasible but as Harry said, you have to be prepared in competing with big names already. Craiglist is just one example of them.

        There is no harm in trying and you might overtake these big names if you become successful. A good example is Yahoo and Google.


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          Yeah that's true. Some of the most popular job marketplaces I know is Elance, oDesk and Getafreelancer. But excellent service and innovative products sell, so I think still have a chance.


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            I think it is a good way of making money online provided that you know what you do. You don't have to compete with the giants as you can choose the specific categories which online workers and service buyers need but cannot find in the popular job marketplaces.