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    I am here sitting and thinking about advertising. Every online business literally depends on traffic, the more traffic the more likely it will be, that the website will be successful. The very best website can be created but without traffic, with any visitors to site, what good is that site? So websites need traffic, that traffic will ultimately turn into buyers, customers or subscribers. A website may be very well designed, with all the bells and whistles but without traffic no website has much or any value.

    My question is, what is the best type of advertising? There are so many different types of adverting FFA's, classified ads, traffic exchange, Link Exchange, Safelists, Solo Ad, Banner exchange, and so much more. Which type of advertising do you think is most effective? Which type of adverting yields the most and best results?

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    In my opinion the interactive advertisement model is best approach because the mainstream consumers need to be engaged more meaningfully, the interactive world consumers are becoming more and more interactive in their preferences, they live in entertainment-oriented society and need excitement and prefer uniqueness and attention grabbing content, to get effective results from advertisement in my view the social media should be blended with the marketing mix.


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      Content is king. If the website has something that people really want they will find it.
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        Yes, and user generated content is future, it changes the way people consume the media.