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    I notice many web directories offer free web listing to their users. Some don't even require the users to link back to the directories. So, what the directories get by listing the websites?

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    That is an interesting question. I think, at least the web directories would get free content (the details and description of the submitted websites) and traffic from the website owners.


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      I notice that most free web directories offer premium listing for some fee. Some of them also publish Adsense ads and other types of ads. Those are the ways they monetize the directories.


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        The directories also need a large database full of relevant information so that people refer to that particular directory whenever they look for any information. This is also a reason why directories allow the free listings.
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          Thanks for the discussion and information. It seems that a web directory can be monetized in many ways. What about asking owners of the listed websites for donation by putting donation button on the homepage. Would it be effective?