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  • timetable for directory submission

    Do some of the directories purge listings if they aren't submitted again such as on an annual basis? What is the recommended practice for re-submitting your website and would it depend on the directory?

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    While registering a website, it will be mentioned for what time period the website will be online. I think the website will be online for only that period of time and then they are purged. In my opinion, you will find a large listing of directories and it is always better to submit in new directories every time.
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      Yeah, I think it depends on the directory. I remember ever reading that most free directories the approved websites on the list for around 90 days before taking them off.


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        Does it mean that after 90 days you need to resubmit your website to the directory? Is it something commonly acceptable, or would it be violating the directory's terms?


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          You can re-submit the website in the same directory after 90 days, this will not violate the terms of the directories. This is true in many cases however it is essential to check the terms and conditions before submitting again.


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