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How To Get Traffic to your directory ?

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  • How To Get Traffic to your directory ?


    I know it's a simple question, but I wanted to get your guys thoughts on it. How are you able to drive traffic to your directory ? And on that same thought, how can you rank effectively on google when there is not a lot of unique content? (Assuming that the descriptions for the websites are used for a lot of directories)

    What ways are there to create content? I know that's a lot of questions but any help would be great, thanks.

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    you can promote your directory by
    # taking advertisement
    # by taking few dofollow backlinks
    # blog comment


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      Well, besides quality incoming links from theme related high directories, you could get more traffic to your directory by getting your users to opt in linking your page back, and also making use of secondary content, or a news feed of some kind to promote daily interaction.


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        Originally posted by KING View Post

        What ways are there to create content?
        Original content is the best way to please the search engines. You can get that content by writing it yourself or outsourcing it. Using free articles from article banks is duplicate content. Search engines won't penalize you for duplicate content, but it isn't likely to help unless you have a very high page rank.


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          I think it is fair to request your members to link your page back. I think it is a good way of link building, though search engines doesn't value reciprocal links that much.


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            Promote your web directory on webmaster forums. Web owners and bloggers would be more than happy to submit their websites and blogs to your directory, provided that it's free and the websites are fast approved.


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              I agree if you promote the web directory, you would be receiving targeted traffic as the search engines refer to the web directories in order to get data for their database. Thereby your website would get easily listed in the search engines and therefore you would get more traffic.