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Is directory submission is dead ?

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  • Is directory submission is dead ?

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to know that Is directory submission is dead ?tell me ..

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    Directory submission in reliable directories are still good. You just have to better expand your site's backlink profile.


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      Not yet. But you should submit the link on high domain authority web directories. They can bring a huge traffic to your website and can be considered as an important tool in building links.


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        Most of the previous SEO techniques are outdated and not in use nowadays. Also called as SPAM.


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          SEO professionals hardly use directory submission after Penguin update. As directory submission is used to get back links, which are the backbone of any website.
          Here are a few tips that will help you to make directory submission securely to get worthy backlinks from authority websites:
          • Pick the right category as indicated by your business site.
          • Submit only accurate links
          • Never submit to those websites which require reciprocal links
          • Make sure the content you post as the description is exact and authentic.


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            I donít think directory submission is effective now. Still you can submit your website to various high quality and reputed web directories like Dmoz.


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              Submitting your your links to directories is a thing of the past. You are basically adding zero value to what you are trying to achieve. Gone are the days when people could rank their website with the help of directory submissions. It's all about relevancy these days!

              Any link building effort that is easily achievable is not deemed worthy in the eyes of Google. Your focus should instead be on how you can garner links without building them.
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