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  • Directory Submission Tips

    Directory Submission Tips
    Getting good as well as quality links especially from the webpages on a similar topic to yours website which are very crucial to get those keyword ranked well with in the search engine results. The search engines figure that sites with more good links to them are more important & will reward them with better rankings. And, of course, people will find your site through links, too.
    Tip 1 :- Write a brief description of your website.
    Tip 2 :- List your keywords, in order of importance.
    Tip 3 :- Don't make it sound "spammy!"
    Tip 4 :- Double-check everything.
    Tip 5 :- Choose the right category.
    Tip 6 :- Use an alternate email address.
    Tip 7 :- A note on URLs (web addresses)
    Tip 8 :- Submit to quality websites & don't use automated submissions.
    Tip 9 :- A note on search engine submissions
    Tip 10 :-What's next? The directories
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    The tips mentioned are surely helpful however it is also important to research each directory and the directory categories individually. While making a directory submission, it is also crucial to ensure that your unique selling preposition is present in the directory submission.
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      Those are great tips on directory submission from both of you, Jeffrey and Rachael. I so agree about submitting manually rather than automatically for so many reasons, especially since anything automated could be viewed as spam.


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        I agree that you should cherry pick the directories that are likely to bring you the most traffic. Take a few minutes to sift through the categories and find the best matches and submit to each directory yourself. The automatic submission would be considered in the same manner as email blasting, would it not?


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          This is extraordinary tips. Thanks for your post.