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  • Yahoo Directory Prices

    I was looking at the packages for Yahoo Directory. Some of their packages can be quite pricey. Considering how many free directories there are out there, is paying that much for Yahoo Directory worth it?

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    I am not a fan of Yahoo, however, I will concede that it is a pretty popular directory. Before you purchase a link a few things to consider. First, the packages that are pricey are usually permanent links. Second, consider what your niche is. Just so you know a shopping niche might do better on MSN directory or something affiliated with them. If not then Yahoo Directory might be what you want.


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      I think that there are plenty of free directory to submit you can use those directory which will help you a lot for getting backlinks from different domains that will also help to improve websites visibility on search engine as well.
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        I think there are so much free directory sites. That's help you to get back links


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          I don't think I would pay to get my website listed on Yahoo Directory. In the past it might be important to get your website listed on the directory. But now we have Google, from were most traffic to most websites comes from.


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            I would never pay to have my website listed in Yahoo Directory. A few years ago it was 300 US dollars. Who knows what it is currently. Either way, I get such a tiny percentage of my free traffic from Yahoo. It doesn't strike me as a very good value at all.