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Paid Directory vs Free Directory

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  • Paid Directory vs Free Directory

    Can someone tell me how beneficial is a paid directory as compared to a free directory?

    Will this increase traffic to my website if I pay for directory listings ?
    Also please let me know if there are some other benefits too

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    In paid directory submission links of your website will be accepted within 24 hours, while on the other hand free directories submissions approval can take you many days, weeks or months. So it is clear if you want quick results then paid directory submissions are the best.


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      Reasons why paid directories give quick results
      * your site will be listed on top directory site which are well established
      * quality relevant online traffic is assured because you are listed in top directories
      *you can be assured of professional services that can guarantee you quality backlinks without any fuss or surprise expenses.
      My advice is go for limited number of paid directories and also submit your site to free directories for good seo results


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        Paid Directory -

        Paid Web directories usually guarantee a short period of time to review your Web site.
        Webmaster approve the paid link within max 48 hours.
        Your can display your link in top category.
        You get targeted traffic.

        Free Directory -

        As said, free one takes a month to approve, that even no guaranty.

        Reciprocal Link -

        Instead of paying to directory, you can choose a reciprocal option, this is the best way to get approved by the directories within short period.


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          I will not go with reciprocal linking rather will spend few bucks for getting quality high traffic paid link FREE directory links are very time consuming and no one knows when your link may get vanished !!! but if you are short at your budget you can go with such FREE option.


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            If I consider for paid directories option then how long will my link remain in the directories? As I have a limited budget...


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              I think it is better to submit your website links in free directories rather than the paid ones. You will find many paid directories on the internet and if you keep on paying each of them, you won't have money to continue your business

              Free directory submissions is certainly a time consuming task, however, you will find that you can get results with free directory submissions also if done in a proper manner.


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                I think the Free services are good for Directory submissions, try to submit as many Free directories as you can, it will take some time , but you will surely will benefited. Paid directories is also a good choice, however know when such directories can shut down, If you have paid for the Link and the directory shuts off you will certainly loose a penny , for Free directories you don't have to worry


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                  I agree with ChrisB, also Google has penalized many directories that sell links for link juice & passing PR..


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                    I think free directories are better than paid, which is of course different than paid positioning in a search engine (in my opinion.) Just be sure to be targeted in your approach.


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                      Yeah, we should select and submit our website under the most suitable/related category. Relevancy plays an vital role in search algorithm.
                      We should also check if directory is maintained properly and is updated frequently.
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                        I have done most of free directories from that i get good result. Don't know about the Paid directories. From free directory didn't get a fast result. But it is good.


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                          the only thing good about the paid directory is it gets accepted within 24 hours according to me
                          and it also dose the same work which a free one does