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How to process the payment through PayPal ?

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  • How to process the payment through PayPal ?

    PayPal is a faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. It supports 26 currencies and is available in 193 countries. It does not charge any setup or monthly fees. Your credit card information will not be exposed to Merchants in any circumstances. For making the payPal payment, you do NOT need a PayPal account, but you need a valid email address and credit card.
    For making the Debit card or bank transfers online, you must have a PayPal account.

    Types of PayPal account

    1. PayPal Personal account.
    :- You can opt for this account if you wish to make any online purchases. It's limited to buyers alone
    You can make the secure shopping on merchant websites and eBay. Also, you can make the purchases with your credit card, debit card, or bank account.
    It will allow you to send money to friends, family or anyone with an email address and can receive funds through the bank account payments.

    2. PayPal Premier Account.
    :- It is beneficial for both buyer and seller.
    In this type of account, You will get all the facilities of Paypal Personal account. Additionally, you can accept credit/debit card and bank payments and can use Paypal
    tools for free.

    3.PayPal Business Account.
    :- It is beneficial if you are selling as a business.
    In paypal business account, you can send and receive money as the name of your business. Plus, it provides all the facilities like Paypal Personal and Premier account.

    How to Sign up for PayPal account

    You can easily create your PayPal account from the PayPal account registration page. You will need to select type of account from the given options i.e. Personal or Business Account, then select the country you live and enter your information on the Sign Up page.

    Credit cards accepted by PayPal :

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card.
    Debit cards and bank transfers online is by setting up a standard PayPal account.

    Transaction Fees for PayPal payments:

    The standard rate for receiving payments for goods and services is 3.4%.

    If you receive more than £1,500.00 GBP per month, you're eligible to apply for PayPal's Merchant Rate – which lowers your fees as your sales volume increases. Your fees can be as low as 1.4%, based on your previous month's sales volume.
    Purchase payments received (monthly) Fee per transaction
    £0.00 GBP - £1,500.00 GBP 3.4% + £0.20 GBP
    £1,500.01 GBP - £6,000.00 GBP 2.9% + £0.20 GBP
    £6,000.01 GBP - £15,000.00 GBP 2.4% + £0.20 GBP
    £15,000.01 GBP - £55,000.00 GBP 1.9% + £0.20 GBP
    above £55,000.00 GBP* 1.4% + £0.20 GBP

    Exchange rates will apply for transactions involving currency conversion.

    Send Money option :

    Sending money to friends and family is free for you and the recipient in the US when you fund the transfer with your bank account or PayPal balance. You can also use a debit or credit card or make an international transfer for a small fee (2.9% plus £0.20 per transaction). The credit card company charges PayPal. Hence, PayPal charges a nominal fees to its buyers.
    If you are Outside the US, then you will be charged for 0.5% to 2% fee when fully funded with your bank account/PayPal balance or 3.4% to 3.9% if paying with a credit or debit card.

    How to use Send Money option of payPal to pay your invoices :

    -Login to your PayPal account
    -Click on "Send Money" option.
    -Enter your recipient’s email address (It is unique in PayPal system).
    -Enter the Invoice amount and choose the currency.
    -Select the type of purchase you're paying for - Goods, eBay items or Services (You can add Invoice Number as a reference).
    -Click ‘Continue’.
    -The Merchant will receive a notification from PayPal that they have received money.

    Subscriptions/Automatic payments:

    Subscriptions and Recurring Payments are available for only Business or Premier accounts. It is the time saving concept. You can create a subscription while making the first payment and then, all the next renewal payments will be charged automatically until the subscription is active at PayPal.

    For making a PayPal payment as WebhostingUK customer, you will need go through : Client area >> Invoice page >> Select the Payment Gateway : PAYPAL and proceed further.

    PayPal Payment Pro :

    It is a "Direct payment" which is also known as "Website Payments Pro" in Canada and the UK. It includes Direct Payment, Express Checkout, additional PayPal solutions and tools, such as Virtual Terminal, Fraud Management Filters, and reference transactions. Direct Payment enables Merchant to accept both credit and debit cards directly from their site whereas, Express Checkout enables merchant to accept payments from PayPal accounts in addition to debit and credit cards.

    In order to enable "PayPal Payment Pro", Merchant should have a Premier or Business PayPal account.

    PayPal payment Pro allows a buyer to make an account on particular website directly. In this case, buyers might need to enter payment, billing, and shipping information. Once the order gets confirmed, the payment is processed immediately.

    There is no difference in transaction fees between PayPal & PayPal Pro. However, there's an additional $30 monthly fee for using PayPal Pro.

    How to Apply for PayPal Payments Pro:

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    Pay with Pay Pal

    For sign up

    "Sign Up" on the PayPal website >>> Fill up the details

    For verification, your bank account has to be linked>>>Follow the instructions

    Two deposits comprising small amounts will be made into your bank account>>>In order to prove its your account you have to mention exact amount of the deposits.

    To make a payment

    Login to your PayPal account>>>

    select make payment option>>>

    Put the email address of the person you wish to make payment>>>

    enter the amount to be sent >>>

    Select the source of fund which may be your linked bank account, credit card, or pay pal balance>>>

    Then press the send button.

    When do in online shopping if there is a PayPal button already on the website hit that button you will be forwarded to the PayPal website. You have to login and complete the transaction (follow the above steps)


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      Are Paypal subscriptions really an easy method of making payments? How many agree that subscriptions are good option for recurring payments?


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        Yes Paypal subscriptions are indeed a good option. They remind you about due payments. If you ever forget about a due payment like a server renewal, a paypal subscription can help you avoid termination of your server. But you need to be advised, that if you aren't using a specific company then the first thing you should do is cancel all subscriptions towards it.