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  • Online Backup And Hosting Solution

    I am looking for an online backup and hosting solution. I am looking for a Linux based solution that comprises of FTP accounts and FTP manager. I will be using the hosting service for backing all my content, databases and other important hosting related factors.
    Basically, I am looking for a good service and strong technology.

    I don’t need a lot of space; just about 100GB along with an option to grow in the future is sufficient.

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    Hi David,

    We do indeed offer backup plans and can offer accounts with up to 2TB of storage for backup purposes. You can purchase a 100GB backup account for 38 per month.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Ben Stones.


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      I checked the link; I think 100 GB backup plan sounds good. Now I would also like to know if it can be paired with a cloud or a dedicated server. Preferably a dedicated server! I would also like to mention that I am looking for a server that provides me with good speed. This is a priority because apart from content there are lot of applications and graphics running on my website.


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        You can certainly pair the backup plan with cloud or a dedicated server. Both cloud and dedicated servers are efficient web hosting platforms and ensure good speed. Preferably you can opt for a cloud server. A cloud server consists of a cluster that is made up of a number of servers. This setup ensures high availability of the website.

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