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    My friend is not able to manage his customers any more, he is unable to provide 24x7 support to his clients so now he is looking for an outsourcing company. So, I need your help guys..
    Is it good to outsource customer service to a third party ?
    Do you guys know any reputed and reliable outsourcing company?

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    Hello Matrix,

    If your friend is unable to manage and don’t want to loose his customers because of this, then surely outsourcing to a good company will be a perfect solution for him. 24x7 support for client is must. Many say that regarding support, it is not a good to outsource but if you get a reliable and reputed company, as your friend is looking for, then why not. He will be much more relax with this kind of comapny. Just keep track of this thread; I am sure you will get a better solution over here.

    Good luck!


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      If you or your friend manage to find a reliable 24x7 outsourced support company to outsource your support then I think outsourcing would be a wise choice. This would be beneficial in many ways, one, it lets the support responsibilty off your shoulders and allows you to concentrate on your core business and the second being it reduces expenses.

      I know about a 24x7 reliable outsourced hosting support company based in India, eTechSupport, You can checkout their site and their plans here


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        Yeaa exactly, 'll back sanderson and peter on their advice. In this current situation you know what the problem is and you also know the solution. The only thing which will take time is deciding upon the source of support but once you get the right one then the only issue i guess will be of 24/7 reliability which you will get if the source is good and reputed.

        There are a lot of companies who get support by outsourcing it from other countries and particularly India as it is cheap there and a person can save a considerable amount of money by doing this. So choosing a good outsourced support and focusing more on the business activity will be more productive for your friend's business.
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          Outsourcing support to a third party can be a boon or a curse depending on the company you choose to outsource to. So it is very important that you do a proper research on companies before selecting one.

          Outsourcing has it's own benefits and most important benefits are cost savings and freedom to concentrate on your important business activities. 24x7 support is a must nowadays and since your friend is unable to manage his customers and provide 24X7 support to them, I think outsourcing support seems to be the best choice.


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            Well, the basic fact of outsourcing is that it allow you to reduce costs and that benifit to your consumers as end users. You need to check the level of support of that outsourcing company you choose and make sure they should have responsible and highly skilled staff. Here is few guideline that can help you to find a reputed and reliable outsourcing partner;

            1. Know their market reputation and user reviews.

            2. Test their capability.

            3. Check they have sufficient number of knowledgeable and experienced support staff.

            4. Make sure they are flexible.

            5. They operate in a transparent environment.

            6. Check their response time for a critical issue and always opt for a free trial.

            7. Check they provide you different level of support.

            8 Check them through some references of ultimate users.

            9. They should be able to set up a system where people can get taken care of in reasonable time with right amount of support.

            10. Go through the confedentiality agreement and their TOS.


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              Hi Matrix,

              If your friend is unable to tackle the customer queries anymore then yes he/she should definately opt for a reliable and well known outsourcing company. Paul has mention some nice tips I think paul has forget to mention about the security standards. Security standards are considered as an important aspect while selecting an outsourcing company becuase this aspect narrates company's reputation and standards.


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                James, Good to see that missing point which you pointed out, just put few points here how you will research and get insure about security part of your outsourcing partner before you hire them, I hope this will help to the original posters and others too.


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                  One way to ensure security is to start with a project that is relatively small and simple in scope.This will give you a better idea of the providerís style and capabilities before you entrust them with an all important and critical project.


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                    Yeah, I'd too recommend
                    They have good reviews at WHT.
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                      Ok thanks for the comments guys.

                      I'll surely tell my friend to have a look at


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                        Outsourcing creates a competitive environment, where different companies have to compete for business to get the contract from the first company. It, in turn, save the first company money by not having to invest into resources and merely concentrate on what it does the best. At the mean time, many other companies would be created to compete for the businesses that the second sets of companies don't need to invest.

                        It basically cause a very competitive environment where the cost of labor would be cheaper, and companies can turn profit with cheaper costs.

                        That is the reason we are outsourcing our jobs to countries such as China, Mexico, and India.

                        Sadly, it may help with short term. In the long term, it will hurt the US economy, as the infrastructure deteriorates and jobless rate increases.

                        UK IT Outsourcing