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Problem with domain redirection

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  • Problem with domain redirection


    I need redirect a hosted domain with you guys to a new IP...
    I already tried do it by live chat, but seems noone is able to do it...

    My domains is:

    I need have they pointed to and (using the tools on client area i cant do it...)

    On the first try support (Lucy) sayed cant do it and tell me for call goddadys.... After almost 24 hours awaiting for godaddys response they sayed those domains arent hosted with they...

    More one time i tried ask for this change.
    Then Shawn did new nameservers and sayed have pointed all services for the ips i provide.

    I know DNS take sometime to sync the data.

    But i cant beliviet is so long, only for test purposes i logged in my domains on networsolutions and changed the ip, in less of 15 min the new IPs was working...

    Whats the problem with webhosting?
    I`m starting feeling i did a bad choice transfering my domains to here...

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    Your both domains are successfully transferred with us. The domains DNS are pointed to your private nameservers as follows for both domains:- [''] ['']

    The IP's you have provided are not the IP's of your "Hyper-V ENTERPRISE " package with us. Hence the domains will not resolve from the Hyper-V ENTERPRISE package which you have with us.

    Do you want us to set the A records for both the domains and to IP address and respectively ? If so do update us and we will get it changed for it.

    If the A records for the domains are change to above IP's the domain will resolve from the server with respective IP's.

    To get the A record changed you can simply send an email at billing[@] and we will get it changed for you.