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    I have been told many time that there are monitors and automatic cleanup jobs to prevent outages due to lack of disk space on servers. This patently isnt true as I seem to have to contact support frequently to ask for disk space to be freed up on Cornwall. Take a look at the following chart of the free space on Cornwall for the past few weeks - I have contacted support to warn them of the impending outage when it has dropped below about 500MB, I dont think customers should have to do this! Could you do something to ensure this doesnt happen on a regular basis - you can see from the trend it is getting worse.

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    We have decided to migrate 'Cornwall' on new and high configuration server, the migration process will take more time as we need to migrate the entire server. Mean while we can migrate your single account on new high configuration server. If you wish to move onto a new server , please email your request to support department. We'll take care of the rest.


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      If we want to drift our single account on new high configuration server, we need to monitor our system. For further instructions, you must call to support department of your link.


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        Hi this is Clarence.

        I want to How can i monitor our pc? Actually i want to secure my pc to virus, so please give me some sugessions to secure my pc.



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          You can secure your PC by using a firewall on it so that it will stop all the programs that get into your PC for transferring the personal data. It is also essential to update the operating system regularly. Moreover it is also essential to use a good anti virus on your PC so that it is not infected with viruses.
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