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  • Hello Webhosting UK!

    Well, i really like this forum, and i'm here to give you some feedback.. What about adding an shoutbox, since i've seen that there exists add-ons for forums.. Well, In my opinion that would be really cool, and if you could add some global rules, that must be followed for example : No Spamming etc.. And you could then post it as a global annoucement.. so people know the rules! otherwise, i think the forum is great!

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    I know it's not my decision but I don't see the point. I've seen them on several forums and they hardly get used. If they do it tends to be by 2 or 3 people having their own irrelevant conversation who might as well do it on MSN or something anyway.


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      Rules are followed by those who never break rules. Those who come to the forum to break rules will never read any kind of TOS / Rules and they will post spammed threads.

      Active moderation is the only solution to stop spam posts.
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        Well, Ok Then, Thanks For Your Replies Guys!


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          lol. A shoutbox will be very disturbing and disply of unprofessionalism.


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            Yea, Kinda Yes.. Sorry It Was An Bad Suggestion! Any Moderator/Administrator Please Close This Thread!


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              yea ... i hate too shoutboxes cause are people who write what they want and isn`t a fixed topic to talk about ...