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  • Domain hosting with wordpress

    Hello all,
    This might be irrelevant question in this forum but it is related to the topic. I am working on a wordpress Hosting website, I am only a developer so I only have different accounts. currently I am integrating everything on LOCALHOST, I have 1 WHMCS account which I am using for domain searching and registeration. I also have WHM panel in which "the owner" has already registered some domains .

    The question is how can I register users from my WHMCS account to my WHM account.
    If question is still unclear. let me simplify it

    1 WHMCS account installed
    1 WHM account installed and already working( have some customers)

    How can i integrate both (or one) with Wordpress.?

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    A few combinations are as straightforward as introducing a module, There are numerous great modules accessible to coordinate into WordPress. The stage is broadly utilized and set up. when you merge, so it doesn’t require new credentials for current users.


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      DreamHost. DreamHost has been committed to WordPress and its community for over 10 years. SiteGround.