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Changing From Old Linux Copper re-seller package to VPS

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  • Changing From Old Linux Copper re-seller package to VPS

    Good Morning Guys

    I've been with you since year dot and have always been pleased with the service, however times have changed and so have my needs a little bit.

    I have the old reseller package which I took out in 2008, I have a few domains hosted for friends who have their own CP logins and really need to keep it like that, the other sites are my own crap and mainly used for my IMAP email.

    Anyhow, ive been looking at VPS as I get more storage and bandwidth but need to confirm that I can have it set up in the same way as the service I have now, but with the option of adding/updating features as required

    If someone could advise on this, that would be great

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    Hello Pat,

    Yes , We can migrate your website data from your current package to the new VPS all you will have to do is update the DNS after the migration. You will have full access of the server to customize it as per your requirements.

    Fred Adkins