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    Hi all,

    Looking to move to you guys and a Linux server would probably be better suited for our requirements, but, we would need the ability to increase the PHP upload limits to our own levels, reuse an existing SSL certificate and the ability to configure a Reverse DNS entry for the Dedicated IP address to match the website address.

    I am currently tied between the highest Shared Hosting Package and the xLite 1 VPS Package using WHM/Cpanel. Any suggestions here?

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    Hi Tristram, welcome to the forums. What usages are we talking about? How much RAM and CPU does the server use now? I think with that you could get better suggestions. Although I don't think a Reverse DNS entry is possible on a shared server.


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      Thanks dave. Basically we are using a windows server now and looking to move to switch to linux because the current site is a wordpress one. I could say the normal day usage, is like using 1 – 40 % of its CPU power ofcourse being a Windows Operating system and around 1.1 GB of RAM so not much usages a server.


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        Considering the requirement, I will suggest you opt for a VPS plan. A VPS empowers your website with greater performance and control, at an affordable cost of a conventional dedicated server. A virtual private server hosting account offers you dedicated server resources and also allows you to tweak and change php settings unlike the shared servers. The current SSL can be easily reinstalled and a Reverse DNS entry for the VPS IP can be set.

        The data move however from windows to linux will be a manual one and you will need to take extra care to that


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          Hello Tristram,

          Looking at your requirement VPS will be the suitable option for you as it gives you complete control of the server and enhanced server performance. Wherein on a shared server you share your resources with other clients on the server.

          Fred Adkins


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            You can go Managed VPS Hosting services for Free cPanel and Free Management support. All the security and technical issues will be handled by Support team.


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