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Advantages of VPS over Shared or Dedicated server.

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    Absolutely, there are many such other examples where people are using cloud based services.

    Some users that are afraid of putting their data in the cloud avoids cloud computing by saying that there are many disadvantages of storing data on a remote location which is unable to determine. Also, some says that cloud-based services are much costly as compared to the traditional hosting services.

    Let me clear you that, as compared to other services in terms of advantages and cost, a cloud-based service is much more reliable and affordable. Due to the unique design of the cloud, it makes a lot easier for cloud users to access their data from anywhere, anytime from any device as well as it offers a more elastic environment which allows you to manage your computing resources. Well, regarding the cost factor, when it comes to the use of cloud, the total cost of ownership will always drop as the cloud solutions extremely minimizes the IT administration and maintenance requirements. By opting for cloud service, it simply means that you are outsourcing the task and it might be possible that you have to pay initial upfront cost, however the overall cost will be much low as compared to the cost you pay in the traditional hosting services for managing your servers.


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      I agree that maintaining the security in the cloud depends on both provider and users. But, in terms of flexibility and control, do you really think that the cloud can retain the required flexibility and control to operate in business environment? Also, some says that cloud is a gimmick and will automatically fade as the time passes. Do you think the cloud computing will fade in future?


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        Yes, the cloud technology has an ability to exchange your data and various files very easily and can keep everthing synced. The cloud technology also simplifies the portal technology and easy information exchange. In future, such portals are going to be the biggest part of the cloud strategies which will help it to move forward. In fact, it helps in making the collaboration much easier and offers a highly scalable and flexible platform to enhance your business activities. To be clear, the cloud is not a gimmick, its not a marketing term like "Unlimited" which people utilize to sell their services. Cloud computing is really huge, and its not going to get disappear. In fact, with the time, it will become more powerful as due to the advantages it offers.


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          For the businesses who thinks that their information is not much secure in the cloud environment, it would be much better for them to invest more in the data security sytems, for example: an encryption software. Also, many organizations thinks that they have private cloud solution, it means their data is totally secured. I too believe that the private cloud model is more secure than other IT solutions, however, in order to protect data and network it is still recommended to implement additional security solutions as previously mentioned.


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            Originally posted by Mackay View Post
            Its a fact that the bridge of the cloud security has already been crossed a long time ago, which people don't understand and are still afraid of the cloud. The main problem is not with the cloud security, but the issue is with the knowledge and training we provide users and ask them utilized it. Its an important factor which can be directly controlled by every individual and organization. It would be more beneficial and profitable for your business, if you learn how to use the cloud more quickly and correctly.
            Indeed, it is necessary to provide extensive training for employees in an organization to avoid mistakes. Training the employees has become one of the most important parts of an IT security strategy as many studies have proved that 85% of the data breaches are due to the mistakes done by employees or due to some internal threats. Whether its a cloud or any other solution, organizations need to have proper policies in place and must train their employees with proper knowledge about Internet, use of devices and data security.