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Can SSL be migrated along with the website?

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  • Can SSL be migrated along with the website?

    When a website with SSL installed on it is migrated from one hosting provider to another one or moved from one server to another, is the SSL also migrated or does the website owner has to purchase a new SSL ? IF it can be migrated over, what's the process or does it needs to be installed again ?

    Any details over this will be appreciated

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    Hi Carlson,

    Hope you are doing well.

    You have not mentioned the Server OS type, hosting control panel details to provide you with the exact steps for migrating the SSL as the migration procedure would vary in each case. However, let me guide you in the Windows OS scenario.

    SSL Certificate is domain name based and hence it can be migrated over to another hosting provider while moving the hosting account. If you have Windows Server OS, you can install the SSL either through Plesk control panel or directly through IIS. The certificate installed through IIS can directly exported over to other server into IIS and assigned to new IP address.

    The SSL certificate installed through Plesk would required to use Certificates MMC on the other server to install the Certificate. In this case, you can ask previous hosting provider to provide the Certificate in PEM format which can be installed and brought into IIS for binding purpose.

    Also, there won't be any downtime for websites while installing the SSL, provided dedicated IP address in A record is propagated over Internet.

    You are suggested to get in touch via Live chat session if you have further queries regarding SSL.



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      Thank you for sharing the Windows scenario for SSL transfer. I wan't aware that migration would relate to the Server OS. If that's the case, I shall await for the Linux scenario as well


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        Hi $pencer

        Hope you are doing well. i like your guidelines for SSL Migration, it's very useful for new users of SSL Certificates.
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          Your new hosting company should help you migrate the SSL. I know they'll ask you to get the certs from the old host or ssl vendor. Last time when we tried to migrate it ourselves, we messed up a lot and this also caused a lot of downtime for the website while the IP changed.


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            The IP for the domain using the SSL will change. You need to make sure that you already have a IP ready on the new server. You can ask the new hosting company to assign that Ip to your domain name while you set it on that server.


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              I guess that is what we did not keep in mind. The SSL installation begun and also the IP was changed so it cause a bit of downtime for the website and some of our customers tried to access the website at the same time. It is better to have the technical team do this for you on a scheduled time.