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    I am looking for email hosting. I would like to send emails for the promotion. This emails will not be about spam emails. As per my current Gmail account I can receive and send emails from an unlimited number of email addresses. I would like to know whether your Zimbra email allow me to send emails from multiple emails addresses?

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    Yes, you can certainly consider our Zimbra email hosting packages. There is no limit on the number of email addresses you can receive or send mails to. However, you will only be able to send 300 email per hour as we have set a limit on the number of outgoing emails. Zimbra is provided on per mail box basis so you will need to purchase the number of mailboxes according to the number of email accounts you have.
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      And what package can you suggest if the requirement is above 500 per hour?


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        Basically, every web hosting provider sets a limits on the outgoing emails. It vary depending on the web hosting plan you choose. For example: if you choose a shared hosting or reseller plan it allows you to send upto 200 outgoing emails per hour, whereas VPS hosting allows to send upto 500 emails per hour, through cloud & semi-dedicated you can send upto 1000 outgoing emails per hour, whereas a Dedicated server has the capacity to send upto 3600 emails per hour. Depending on your email requirement you should choose a web hosting plan. The limits are set in order to avoid any kind of email spamming activities on the servers.


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          Originally posted by Haddin View Post
          And what package can you suggest if the requirement is above 500 per hour?
          A dedicated server would be the best option if you plan to fire huge number of emails PER HOUR however there's an outgoing email limit of 3500 emails PER HOUR.
          Such outgoing emails limit helps to prevent any sort of spamming and also helps to prevent mail server blacklistings.

          If you have a big mailing list (>3500emails), you can carve it in smaller lots and can send each them in batches.
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