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Confusion about a mail server

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  • Confusion about a mail server

    I am planning to move from one server to another server because of the downtime in the old server. The thing is that we use one server for hosting and one for the mail box along with google APPs .

    I would like to know that if I plan to move to the new server, which settings will have to be updated in the new server? I am new to the web hosting field. Can someone please provide me with a solution for this?


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    Mary, i would like to know if you had hire someone to looks after your server?
    It seems that you use 2 servers one for webfiles and other for mails.

    Answer to your Question > Your new webhost should help you with the server data migration. Since you are new to webhosting i will request you to avoid playing with the server settings.


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      Can I use the same server for hosting and mails as well?


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        Originally posted by Mary View Post
        Can I use the same server for hosting and mails as well?
        Indeed, both web files and emails can be hosted on the same server which is affordable and widely used hosting solution.
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