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Importance of having a Clustered setup

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  • Importance of having a Clustered setup

    I have read many discussions on this topic on various forums but I would like your suggestions on the same. Is a Clustered setup more beneficial and does having a clustered setup boosts the websites performance and SEO rankings ?

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    The Clustered setup consist of a number of servers which include a Console server , load balancer and webservers which prevents failovers, whereas a single server is a stand alone server and in case the sever crashes due to any issue the site may face downtime. Due to the downtime the SEO rankings of the website will be affected and will leave a bad impression. It depends on what you want to host and what are your requirements.


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      Basically a cluster involves multiple servers which distribute the load among themselves. Following are the advantages of the cluster server
      Improve scalability
      Higher availability
      Great Flexibility.
      Cluster setup improves the network performance so it will boosts the websites performance and SEO rankings.


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        Clustered setup is considered as the most reliable solution and is generally used by high traffic websites which need multiple servers to handle their load. You can include a couple of servers in that cluster depending upon your websites requirements and budget. Each server in the cluster can function independently like some servers can be Web Servers, some can be Database servers, some can be DNS servers and some can be mail servers. As each server has a separate role to perform, so the load gets distributed within the cluster and this results in better performance of the website.
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          A clustered setup provides with a very efficient platform for managing the server load and enhancing the efficiency of the hosting activities. Clustered hosting setup provides with higher availability, reliability and scalability that would not be possible with a single system. When there is a failure in the system, the resources are redirected and the workload is also redistributed. Server clustering also provides with the ability to reduce the frequency of system failure.