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Dedicated or cloud hosting?

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  • Dedicated or cloud hosting?

    I have a website that stores pictures/wallpapers. It has grown in content and downloading both. I would like to move to a better hosting plan. I have heard about dedicated hosting and cloud hosting but I am unable to decide which one would be more beneficial for my website. I would really appreciate more information on this.

    Thank you

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    I recommend you to consider our Cloud server which will be sufficient for your website containing pictures/wallpapers. Cloud server will also provide 100 % uptime guarantee with Dedicated resources.
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      Both can fulfill your requirements, choosing a Dedicated server or a Cloud hosting package purely depends on you. Our Dedicated server would provide you with complete privacy, while with Cloud Hosting package you would experience high scalability . So if you expect reliability, scalability and redundancy for your website and applications, a Cloud Hosting plan can be a perfect choice.You may choose between different dedicated servers, but with Cloud, you are not allowed to choose the hardware. Though, with our Cloud package you would get to experience all the features of a Dedicated server.


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        It would be a better option to consider a Cloud server initially and upgrade to a dedicated server if your requirements increase in future. Cloud servers offer features similar to a dedicated server and you can upgrade individual resources of the Cloud server as per your needs.
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          If I am looking out for a 5 GB disk space and around 40 GB monthly bandwidth on a Windows based platform; which cloud hosting plan you think will be appropriate for me? And which control panel is offered with it? I also wanted to know the number of domains and sub domains that I will be entitled to in the cloud hosting plan.


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            You can consider our Windows Business Shared Cloud as it meets your requirements which you have specified. We provide Plesk control panel on our Windows Cloud plans and you can host a maximum of 20 domains and 200 sub-domains on Cloud Business hosting plan. We are offering our Shared Cloud plans at an promotional price for the first month, so that you can test our hosting services and support. You can check our Shared Cloud plans from the below link.

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