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    How to save a Bandwidth used by a server ? If my bandwidth is exceeded, will my account be suspended?

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    Originally posted by Robert Modray View Post
    If my bandwidth is exceeded, will my account be suspended?
    Incase of dedicated servers, you will be able to upgrade the bandwidth allotment of your server by paying the applicable charges for additional bandwidth. Once we receive the payment for additional bandwidth, bandwidth allotment of your dedicated server will be increased.
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      The bandwidth can be reduced with the Expire Headers setting. This setting amalgamates with the web browser and provides instructions about the necessity of refreshing the cache for a web page. When caching is done, the web browser does not have to keep reloading the website at every visit, this is specifically crucial for the websites that have graphics installed. Even the dynamic websites can take advantage from from caching.


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        Yes, Apache Expire Headers setting can be very useful for graphic intensive websites since Expire Headers setting interfaces directly with web browser and tells it when it is necessary to refresh its cache on a particular page. The main advantage of caching is that a web browser does not have to reload the site every time it visits hence our precious bandwidth is save. Apache Expire Headers tag also makes your website faster and more responsive. You can also optimize your code and graphics using CSS to minimize bandwidth consumption.
        Once your allotted bandwidth is fully consumed your web site will show "Bandwidth Exceed" message rather then your website content.
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          Also, if you are about to host a file that is already available elsewhere on the WWW, then its suggested to use the link of that location rather than uploading it. This will in turn reduce the bandwidth utilization and save uploading time


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            If you would like to reduce the bandwidth utilization, you can do so by reducing the code bloat; that is the number of graphics used instead run the images through an optimizer for reducing their size.