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  • An ASP Blog System

    I've planned to create a blog application to be as powerful as WordPress, but in the classic ASP format. So I would like to make sure that its defiantly suited for our database engines that are as follows: Microsoft SQL Server (I will test it with 2000 & 2005) ,MySQL Server (I will test it with version 5), Microsoft Access (Access 2002 + 2003). I have decided to include the SQL Server database creation scripts for MySQL + SQL Server, and for the application to come with a ready made database for Access.

    What I want to know is, what makes a good blog application? Are there features which aren't incorporated into engines such as WordPress + Moveable Type which you would like to see ready packaged ? Any input would be very helpful, and I thank you all in advance.

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    Form my point of view security as well as simplicity are the important aspects for your website. You have to ensure that your website or the blog is secure so that hackers can't find a way to post under other peoples names nor modify/remove their entries. Simplicity is also important so that end-users of different levels of experience can use it.

    It's worth considering accessibility, and making it possible to access the 'basic' areas without the need for javascript (handy for screen readers + search engine bots). On a similar note try to design using css for layouts and avoid resorting to tables, tables are best kept for tabular data.


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      I'm wondering over how to let people install it, I've come to 2 options:

      1: Provide a database for Access, and for the SQL Server engines, have a page that creates the tables and sets all up for you.
      2: Make users do it themselves by providing scripts for creating the tables.

      I will probably go for the first one...I will of course make it in css so people can design their own layouts and I will also build it so that people can make their own add ons for the system.