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How many Drupal sites?

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  • How many Drupal sites?

    I currently have multiple domain names and sites with another host, but am considering moving to WHUK. How many sites could I have hosted with WHUK on cpanel using Drupal? i.e. I want to have maybe 5 sites, each with own domain name, unrelated, each set up using Drupal, in the same shared hosting space.

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    Drupal CMS is supported on all our cPanel Shared Hosting plans and you can host multiple domains in our cPanel Shared Hosting plans.
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      Certainly you can host multiple Drupal based websites on our cPanel Hosting packages. Please confirm webspace/bandwidth which you need for hosting your websites so that we can help you with package selection.
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        Having five drupal sites can be resource consuming on a shared server. If they are sites that receive too much traffic then you should consider a higher plan. But if the sites don't need much resources then you could do with a shared plan that allows you to host these domains as addons.


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          Instead you could try using a reseller account. With a reseller account you can have separate account for each of your website and manage them separately. You will have more resources as compared to a shared server.


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            Right, my suggestion will be to consider a reseller account as well. Not only will it separate the hosting part, but as one website grows you can upgrade it accordingly by allocating the required resources and then later moving to a different server if required.


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              With shared package you might be restricted with the resources that are allocated to your accounts. With a higher plan you will be ready to take the growth of the websites. It is good to manage them separately so a reseller account will indeed be a good option for you.