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    Although an experienced Windows administrator I do find that there is a learning curve on the "user friendly" interfaces such as Plesk and now DotNetPanel. I recently opened another account with you thinking that it would a ten minute job to configure the site under Plesk and suddenly I find that I am confronted with yet another interface in DotNetPanel which took a long time to work out. Would it be possible to give account holders the choice as to which - presumably server and hence interface that they will get?
    Once again the support team have been brilliant answering questions about the new environment.


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    Hi Richard,

    If you want we can transfer your account on to the Plesk server but I'd suggest you to continue with DotNetPanel because we will not be adding any more Plesk shared servers, and in future the old Plesk Shared servers will be upgraded and DotNetPanel might be installed on the new Windows shared servers. This is the right time to get your hands on the new control panel (DNP).


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      Dotnetpanel control panel has quite good features and offers a good stable platform to host websites. Moreover, it will develop in future and hence you can expect better features and more options in Dotnetpanel. Hence, I would suggest you to choose Dotnetpanel as it would be a better option


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        Yes, when compared to Plesk, Dotnet panel has more features. Most of the people tested both control panels, and their conclusion is that Plesk 9 is MORE complicated than DotNetPanel.


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          Well, I am not sure but i think Dotnetpanel is better suited for webmaster who have to manage / administer their servers as DNP have many advance features like support for Exchange, clustered web hosting etc...

          Correct me if i am wrong, you can shed more light on the same !!!
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            DotNet Panel And Windows OS


            This is good time for control panel selection. As we know plesk is well known and widely used control panel along with Linux and Windows. However as I experienced and I heard if you are using windows hosting platform than go with dotnet panel rather than plesk. As plesk is commonly build for linux and windows. However plesk requires MySQL databse for plesk installation. (Freeware but not Platform dependency).

            Dotnet panel is purely developed for windows platform and 95% to 98% compatibility with windows core and features.

            If you wish you can continue with Plesk also. If you have Linux then good to go with WHM-Cpanel.

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